The Wuchild Interview: Bernice asks Yvette

Damn is it already October? We've been busy enjoying the summer, stretching out the sunny days as much as we could. Oh — and our co-founder Yvette got married! She married the love of her life and baby daddy, Chris, on a gorgeous sun-filled day on the greens of Stanley Park. It was the ultimate tribute to #parklife, ha!

Mr and Mrs Hild!

Even though I know Yvette pretty well, I still wanted to get her take on certain aspects of getting married, and on the wedding itself. She's always had such a laid back vibe about the whole thing, but I was curious to know what the big moments were for her.

B: You own a home together, have a daughter together, so now that you're officially married, what's changed in your relationship with Chris?

Y: So many people ask us this question! Funny thing is, I usually pause to ask myself  — hmm what has changed? —  and in those microseconds of silence most tend to answer for me: “I bet not much has changed, eh? You guys have been together forever and have a kid!”

And you know what, they’re right; nothing has changed — in our relationship. But there was something so undeniably magical about celebrating our love in front of all our people that it profoundly changed us as individuals. To be celebrated like that and experience that much happiness and raw emotion in one day... how could that not change you, right?

Gettin' jiggy with it in Hawaii.

B: I know it's a really personal decision: what went into yours to take Chris' last name?

Y: It became a pretty easy decision after we had Henny. It really bothered me that she had a different last name than me. Like seriously I grew the kid for nine months and gave birth to her and we have different last names? WTF!

I suppose I could have had Chris change his last name or have us do the hyphenated thing... but maybe out of laziness and not wanting to over think things, it just felt right to go with his. And who am I kidding... everyone will still call me “Wu” anyway!

B: Most brides have the luxury of focusing solely on planning their wedding, while you had a young family, full-time job, and Wuchild to manage all at the same time. Why did you and Chris decide to go ahead with the ceremony?

Y: Short answer: my dad.

For the longest time Chris and I thought we’d just elope or have a super small ceremony. Like you say, I have a kid, full time job, and Wuchild to focus my time and energy, so seriously, who has time to dedicate to a wedding?

I’ll never forget one evening when I proposed the idea of a small civil ceremony to my parents. My dad almost sprung out of his seat and said “but I want to walk you down the aisle!”. That actually makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Anyway, that evening when Chris came home from hockey. I remember saying to him “Hey we need to have a wedding; my dad wants to walk me down the aisle. Do you want to walk Henny down the aisle one day? Yes? Right, so let’s get planning my friend.”  And that was that!

To be honest though, we didn’t actually spend a lot of time planning our wedding. I think we spent more time finding the perfect suit for Chris than our wedding planning. 

But everything seemed to just fall into place. I randomly found my dress at  Union Bridal's pop up in Chinatown (they’re the best!!!). Tried the dress on a whim. Sent photos of myself in the dress to you and a few other girlfriends. Bought the dress and forgot to get it altered until a month before the wedding. But it was totally fine!


B: I remember you telling me about the dress and thinking, is she for real? You're hilarious! Ok and what about the rest of your wedding set up?

Y: Oh yeah my wedding shoes! Remember I was eyeing up those Maryam Nassir Zadeh sandals from our go to local gem Umeboshi Shoes? I had no idea if they would actually "go" with my dress but at that point I didn't care because I needed them!  

For a while there I didn't think I'd even get a wedding ring because I didn't have time to scope them out or get one made in time. I know, it's so ridiculous! But of course on my weekly dreamy after work trips to Much & Little, I found the perfect  silver ring - and bought it.

We didn't have any decorations for our wedding — we didn't have any time to think about colours and flowers. So the day before our wedding, we were sitting at Bean Around the World on Main Street. It dawned on us that maybe I should get a few flowers to hold (as a bouquet) and we looked across the street and bam — there was the Flower Factory. So we went there and spent $20 on a few gorgeous flowers. Done. I think that was the theme of our wedding planning; less is more. We took a very laid back approach. The day went so smoothly though!

B: Was there anything you were most anxious about on the big day?

Y: Walking down the aisle with my dad — AHHHH!! Envisioning it made me super emotional. I was so worried I would be balling my eyes out the entire way down. Admittedly I do sometimes like to be the centre of attention, but only in small groups, not big ones!

Yvette walks down the aisle with proud papa Reggie.

B: We love Top 5's... What were your Top 5's from all your wedding festivities?

Y: Only five?! Okay so besides marrying my best friend, here's my top five...

#5: The collective "awwww!!" gushing from the crowd as Henny and her two grandmas walked down the aisle. I can only imagine how cute the three of them were.
(B: They were really freaking cute.)

#4: The incredible speeches. Not a dry set of eyes in the room.

#3: My mom getting tipsy! After one glass of wine. #cheapdrunk.

#2: Walking into the Fish House and being announced "Mr. and Mrs. Hild!" — the cheering was so AWESOME!

#1: Last but not least, walking down the aisle with my dad.