The great headwrap vs headband debate

Oh yes, the great debate. I might have an affinity for headwraps but that's just because I feel like it's a more versatile way of using a piece of fabric to wrap around my head. But is there a difference? The question popped up as Yvette and I started working on this website and here, I present you, three compelling differences between headwraps and headbands. 

1. A headband is often an accessory with arms that adorn the crown of the head. A headwrap is not. Super compelling, am I right? 

2. Because a wrap does not have arms, it is more versatile than a band: doesn't it just sound like it can "do" a bit more? Here's Yvette rockin' a fresh cut with The Antelope headwrap. The wrap is, yes, drawing attention to her sweet layers, but it's also keeping the fly-aways in check. New moms can attest to the bizarre regrowth of hair some time around 7 or 8 months postpartum, and when you have dark Asian hair like us, the fly-aways often need their own management team. That's one hard-working wrap.

3. Headwraps tend to cover more of the head. True or false? I think true. Here I am (with the handsome Paul Nixey), in August of 2011, with a silky scarf wrapped around my head two times. The wrap saved the day for me at the Opening Gala of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival — my hair was growing out in an uncomely fashion, it was hot and muggy in that theatre, and wrapping it up was an easy fix. I doubt any headband could have tamed my humid frizz that evening! 

Now you are probably wondering, if those are the most compelling reasons I could come up with, is there really a difference between headwraps and headbands? Not all that much, I guess. Both have their function and definitely bring some fun and style into our lives. We humans have been accessorizing our heads for ages for the purpose of self expression. Do what makes you feel good, wear what feels right, and most importantly, own it!