Top 10 mic-dropping moments at Conscious Divas 2015

Yvette and I were two of the lucky women to attend the sold out Conscious Divas Summer Soiree, an annual event produced by the multi-talented Kate Muker. This year the soiree was hosted at Nicole Bridger's new Gastown studio, and we were tingling at the prospect of meeting some very talented women entrepreneurs in our city. 

Conscious Divas is marketed as a heart-centred networking event, and this intention was made clear right from the start. As Yvette and I entered the space, we felt warmly welcomed, the two of us being brand new to the entrepreneurial world, and became engaged in some great conversations around running small businesses, juggling family demands and our (super cute) kids, and everything in between. So much was packed into three hours (including trying on some pants at the store) but here are our Top 10 mic-dropping moments from Conscious Divas 2015:

Number 10: Reconnecting with some familiar faces from different times and places in my life. Bianca from Bee Communications and I have a mutual childhood friend, and the last time we saw each other in a professional context we were working for big corporate entities (she, the Vancouver Canucks, and me, the BC Automobile Association). And Lisa Princic, I had connected with several times in the past through local networking events. What I loved was seeing these women now in a different context and each of us in a different phase of our careers and lives.

Number 9: Kombucha and wine. Mixed together in one drink. Oh yah, it's pretty good.

Number 8: Meeting Stacey Foley, Orgasmic Meditation Trainer. Stacey's a certified trainer in Orgasmic Meditation and a Desire Life Coach. For her, the orgasmic experience should centre all our interactions: whether it's work relationships or family dynamics. And it's all about taking control of things and listening to our inner goddess, not so much about focusing on those few seconds of physical pow. (Which are also great, by the way.)

Number 7: Talking shop. We met Sam Skelly, the founder of Hungry for Happiness. At such a young age, Sam has amazing dreams to create a complete and useful resource for men and women seeking help for eating disorders. After quickly getting familiar with each other, we proceeded into gritty shop talk, like tactics to work our social media and how to get the attention of certain community investors. What I loved was how trusting and open we were with each other and that there was no "icky" feeling or strings attached to our exchange.

Number 6 and 5: Giving away Wuchild headwraps as door prizes. Two of the winners were Ruksyrocks and PureSouls, rocking the Heather Pepper and Wave of Triangles. Oh it really was quite a moment and an honour to accessorize these women in our wraps! 

Number 4: Finding a soul sister in Vagabond Babe. Yvette and I have been admirers of Vagabond Babe for some time now, first stumbling upon her Instagram months ago. We love the grit of her brand, and she's hustling from Squamish, BC! We talked about our dreams for our businesses, the day-to-day struggles with bringing up small kids, and how awesome it was to be able to connect with each other at an event like this. We just got each other.

Number 3: Beside every great man, is a great woman. April Bellia, founder of Granola Girl (among many other businesses) dropped the mic with that little twist on the famous line "behind every great man..." The context was some wisdom to us women entrepreneurs, to let some masculine energy into our businesses. It was definitely one of those moments you could feel the goosebumps in the room.

Number 2: As with our babies, we should never compare our businesses. This a-ha moment was brought to us by Jen Wilson, the founder of Von Bon, one of the most successful baby businesses in town. She was so down-to-earth and accessible during her short talk, and later gave me and Yvette a lot of her time. We picked her brain, she gave us some useful advice we could apply immediately, and she shared very candidly the challenges she's facing, now into her third year of running her business. She really couldn't have been more gracious and amazing.

Number 1: We are so lucky to have each other. It was mid-way through the lightning round of introductions that it dawned on me and Yvette that we might have been the only set of business partners present. We had each other for moral support, to back each other up, to double our networking capabilities. Doing it on our own, like most of the other women in the room, would have been a much more daunting proposition, and the same goes for running a business as an emerging entrepreneur. We're here for each other to celebrate the gains, sweat through the pains, but most importantly, to have fun and remember why we're doing this. High five, girl.