What's #parklife?

Yvette and I are beyond stoked about our very first Wuchild tee: #parklife. It came from a concept in Yvette's brain and was brought to life by the super talented (and the most patient and accommodating) designer Aly Youssef.

This design means a lot to us, both having enjoyed our fair share of beautiful green space in our first years of motherhood. And until last spring we lived within eight blocks of one other along Main Street, so these Mount Pleasant parks are especially near and dear. 

But #parklife is more than a bunch of parks. Every location is special to us because they served as the backdrop to some truly magical memories.

It's that place they discovered grass for the first time. And had their first swing ride.

That place we dash to, oh, any time between sunrise and sunset when they are getting a little crazy and nothing at home will do.

That place we gather for impromptu play dates as soon as the weather clears.

That place with the bigger kids who showed them how to climb, just put one foot up like this, now pull yourself up!

That place with the piano that saved my life many times over and kept me going when it all felt too hard.

We know you all have your own magical spots, and we hope #parklife captures just a little of that magic for you.